7 Sept 2023

Creating FULLTEXT Index on Multiple Columns in MySQL

To create a FULLTEXT index on multiple columns in MySQL, follow these steps:

  1. Open your MySQL client or interface.
  2. Use the following syntax:
ALTER TABLE `database_name`.`table_name` ADD FULLTEXT (`column1`, `column2`, `column3`);

Remember to replace the placeholders:

If you wish to specify a custom index name for easy identification, you can use the following syntax:

ALTER TABLE `database_name`.`table_name` ADD FULLTEXT KEY `index_name` (`column1`, `column2`, `column3`);

Again, replace database_name, table_name, column1, column2, column3, and index_name with your specific values.

Finally, it's advisable to assess the performance impact of this index by testing queries before and after its implementation. This ensures it genuinely enhances the performance of relevant queries.

🔍 Keep in mind that using the FULLTEXT index is particularly effective for searching large amounts of text data, like articles, blog posts, or comments. It enables more efficient full-text searches across multiple columns.